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Thursday, August 20, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Have you ever considered joining your local chamber of commerce to grow your business or to help you grow professionally?

Here are six reasons why you should join your local chamber:

1. Credibility for your business.
According to a study conducted by the Schapiro Group, when consumers know that a small business is a member of a chamber of commerce, they are 49 percent more likely to think favorably of it and 80 percent more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.

2. Networking opportunities. The core mission of a chamber is to generate more business opportunities and leads for its members. In addition, a chamber of commerce facilitates spaces for its members to meet one another and to expand their network. (People say that Washington, DC is all about who you know). Throughout the year, the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC) offers more than 50 networking events and business matchmaking sessions for its members.

3. Promotion and visibility. As a member of a chamber of commerce, the visibility of your business will increase through the chamber’s member directory, newsletter, event calendar, and website. As a member, you can also join a committee and participate in events or panels.

4. Capacity Building/Professional Development. Most chambers offer seminars or events that can help you grow your business as well as to help you grow professionally. For example, at GWHCC, we provide industry focused forums, seminars and events that are open only to our members, such as focus groups that meet on a monthly basis and the bi-monthly Cafecito with Angela to provide members with resources to grow professionally.

5. Advocacy. A chamber of commerce acts as a voice for their members on specific issues before local and federal government, such as legislation and regulations that may affect them.

6. Referrals. Every day, chambers of commerce receive inquiries from individuals and businesses looking for potential vendors, here at GWHCC, our staff ensures that these opportunities are share with our members.

A small investment in your membership, can open a world of opportunities for you and your business.


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