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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gift yourself with employees this holiday season!



Author: Dina Potter

HR 4 Small Biz




Most entrepreneurs seek business growth, and while saying you want to grow your business is one thing, making it happen is another. 

In the words of Walt Disney:

I often find entrepreneurs who resist hiring staff. Most say they are bootstrapping their business, or trying to “run lean”. Yet, these are the same folks who tell me that one of the reasons they started their own business was to be in charge and have a flexible schedule. But they’ve gotten caught up in work, and haven’t taken a day off in a while, or consistently work 12-hour days. They may be a solopreneur, overwhelmed by their current workload, with deadlines they can’t realistically meet without some help, and they still try to do it all on their own.  This inevitably causes their deliverables to suffer, whether it’s because they are not meeting deadlines, the quality of their work begins to slip, or both.  Of course, this only leads to dissatisfied customers, and a subsequent decline in revenue. Please, don’t let this be you!

Other entrepreneurs I meet, have a team, and they are still struggling to meet customer demands or grow their business in a way that’s scalable or sustainable.  To these folks I say: research shows that many entrepreneurs make poor hiring decisions. Furthermore, they do not have an on-boarding processes in place for new hires; find it especially hard to have difficult conversations with employees; and they have underestimated the power of creating the type of company culture that is required to create the type of business success most entrepreneurs are seeking.

Simply put: the secret formula for business growth is hiring the right people. 

Growth requires an entrepreneur to delegate and trust others to deliver results. Hiring the right people, engaging them in meaningful work, and giving purpose to the employees who are building the business, requires different skills than those needed to launch a business. Often as a business grows, it is necessary to upgrade people, processes, and controls to handle the increasing complexity of the business.

Or as Jim Collin’s, author of Good to Great, states:“leaders of companies that go from good to great start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right jobs”.

So how do you go about doing that?

Consider using recruitment strategies that will reach today’s best job seekers. If you are a small business, and feel that you can’t possibly compete with large businesses for talent, solely based on money, that’s true. The good news is, money is rarely the reason why people choose to stay or leave a job. Develop recruiting strategies that provide people with what matters most to them. If you already have a team, use surveys to discover the sort of environment employees want, then implement what you can. For example, if employees are seeking a flexible work schedule, and your business is structured in such a way where you can stagger work schedules and allow for telecommuting a couple of days a week, an applicant may be more inclined to pursue an opportunity with your small business vs. a large company, and current staff may be more inclined to stay.

Keep in mind: job descriptions are crucial, and will help you create job postings that draw people into the picture, so they can easily see how they will fit into the framework of your organization.

This holiday season, why not gift yourself with employees who are going to move your business forward? Having different people on board to handle different components, not only frees you up to work ON the business vs. IN the business, but it also gets you experts to help ensure business growth in 2016!



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