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GWHCC Small Business Technical Assistance Program


The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) awarded a grant to the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC) to provide Small Business Technical Assistance in the District of Columbia. The program will allow experienced consultants and business owners to provide one on one counseling and help small businesses improve processes, sales, and marketing strategies.


Consultant Requirements and Responsibilities:

The consultant must work in a business or be a business owner. They must have a successful track record and have the ability to work with a small business. In addition, they must be a District of Columbia resident or operate in the District of Columbia. In addition the consultant must:

  • Be able to meet at least once a month.
  • Be able to be accessible via email or phone.
  • Be willing to offer consulting services.
  • Be a good listener, persistent, committed and patient.
  • Be able to establish a positive, respectful relationship with client/business owner.
  • Help client/business owner develop skills that will enhance their business.
  • Assist client/business owner in obtaining additional resources or leveraging your professional network.


Client/Business Owner Requirements and Responsibilities:

The client/business owner must be a small business owner or work in a small business. They must be seeking guidance from a consultant. In addition, they must be a District of Columbia resident or operate in the District of Columbia. In addition the client/business owner must:

  • Identify the skills, knowledge and goals you want to achieve and be intentional about communicating it to your consultant.
  • Maintain a plan with your consultant and be accountable.
  • Set up goals, objectives and an action plan for execution.
  • Work with your consultant to identify resources that would be helpful.
  • Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn.



The program started on October 1, 2018 and will continue up to September 30, 2019.



Prospective consultant and clients/business owners will complete the application below. Upon review of the application, GWHCC will determine eligibility and qualifications. Consultants and clients/business owners will be invited for a short orientation to understand roles and responsibilities.

Consultant Application

Client/Business Owner Application


Application Deadline:

Ongoing. Will contact you within the week of submission to inform you if you apply for this opportunity.


Who should apply:

If you want to:

  • Work through complex business ideas and/or decisions.
  • Share ideas with experienced business owners.
  • Answer questions about your business plan, ask about marketing ideas, look for creative and innovative business solutions.

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